Moi - Shangress

Leveraging several years global experience as a Prosecutor, Trainer and Mentor, I have built a Portfolio Career which encompasses Legal consultancy services, Mentorship, Public Speaking, Property Investing and being an Entrepreneur and Educationalist.

I am passionate about encouraging and supporting others in the legal profession like me who are interested in pursuing a portfolio career to expand their opportunities and career satisfaction for an enhanced work/life blend.

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My portfolio career combines:
* offering Consultancy and training services to prosecution services globally
* running a leading-edge mastermind and mentoring circle for ambitious portfolio career women in the legal profession
* property investment for myself and my clients
* being a Director of Golden Age International School, Ghana and working with business partners to set up an International Leadership Academy with a Green School ethos in Ghana
* B1G1, Business for Good initiatives across the globe for greater social-economic impact
* volunteering with Catching Lives
* I am now also training to be an International Arbitrator

I would love to hear from you so do feel free to connect with me via my LinkedIn Group: Law Portfolio Careers Network